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Creating and maintaining a blog


Me and blogging don’t do so well, I am far too ADD for thinking about what I am thinking, but will give it a try 🙂

I am the OER coordinator at Unisa, which is a very challenging position in terms of balancing all the activities that require attention.  I need to carefully plan and prioritise how I spend my time.  I am a teacher at heart so in the short time that I have been coordinating the OER activities at the university, I tend toward the sharing and teaching side of OER, perhaps by maintaining a blog I will see it as an opportunity to share, and I will be forced (coerced) into thinking about my thinking and hopefully if others comment I will find out what others think about my thinking.

I created this blog site 18 months ago for another on line course, so this time it was a refresher run to see if I could still find where everything is (just trying to remember the name was fun, oh and then the login (I have bookmarked it this time)….other than the memory issues – for me its quite intuitive and I love undo, so I like to try things, see what they do and then undo or edit if its not what I thought it was. So the activity was technically not difficult for me however writing about it was a bit more challenging.  I was able to easily insert images from Wikimedia Commons but I am not sure how to attribute them – so some comments and helpful suggestions would be appreciated.

I suppose also that the blogs that one is exposed to, affects your expectations of yourself.  I do not see myself with a set blog each day or each week, that’s far too routine, although routine is what keeps me in line, its just that you don’t want to say something if you don’t have something to say, so I see myself as a random blogger.

I am challenging myself to do this, lets see if it works for me.

Image 1:  Blog (1) – Cortega9

Image 2: Scared girl – Victor Bezrukov


Trying again OCL4Ed

Blogging does not come as naturally as talking to me.  So I am going to give it a try for the Open Content Licensing for Educator’s micro course and see if I can manage one or two blogs on open licensing.

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Introduction to Openness in Education

So I signed up to this course to learn about openness in Education and for the last two days I have learnt about social media (at my age I am an immigrant and not a native, but not an incompetent immigrant at that).

I am writing this blog to test how to link to Twitter and look forward to all that I am to learn on this course.

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